What Our Customers Are Saying:

"It was a late night and they were there to take care of my baby dog, great care, and I'm very grateful! "

--Mickey Davis 


"Both Mom, Dad and Dottie say a ‘big thank you’ for helping us on Saturday night with Dottie’s eye infection. Things are looking good, and we believe she is on the mend. Thank you for a great, A+ visit."

--Marc & Ellen Miller 


"I was so afraid when I brought Lucky in. The staff's prompt response to ensure that she received the medical attention she needed to make it back home to me and (the fact she's) feeling better is amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH."

--John Herrera


"I recently brought my 4 month old golden retriever in to the Haywood Emergency clinic to see Dr. Frankie. She was limping, would not eat, had a fever and was very lethargic.  I was very worried but confident after talking to Dr. Frankie that she was in good hands. He took a lot of time to go over the test results and possible diagnosis and assured me that he and his staff would take good care of her while they provided "supportive care" and kept a watchful eye on her overnight.  The staff was very helpful and understanding each time I called to check on her.  Thanks to their excellent care, I was able to bring my Josie home the next evening and she is back to her old mischievous, goofy self!  I strongly recommend Haywood Emergency to anyone who has a pet in trouble! "

--Janice Griesemer


"It was our first visit to Junaluska Animal Hospital. You all are the closest emergency services provider near us. We called beforehand to verify we needed to come in. The staff on the phone were knowledgeable, and the care provided was great."

--Cale Colbert


"We were very pleased with every aspect of service associated with our visit at the emergency clinic and more importantly very pleased with the care given, and compassion shown, to our pet. "

--Kathy Barber


"Had to make the difficult decision to put down our dog this weekend  Used your emergency clinic and was so happy with the compassion of the staff. Made a hard situation a little easier. I also appreciate the vet who took in consideration our unique situation and did the unthinkable in regards to payment. Myself and my family are forever grateful for you guys!!! Thank you again Junaluska Animal Hospital."

--Brittney Medford


"I had to take Rocky to the emergency clinic last night and the vet tech, Nikola, was so nice and sweet with him. Dr. Frankie explained everything to me as to what he would be doing. I felt very comfortable leaving Rocky with Nikola all night and she called me after his procedure to let me know how he was doing. Couldn't be more happy with the treatment and care we received! "

--Amber Brookshire


"I have so much gratitude for Dr Frankie and his staff, they saved my dog shadows life. In the situation we was in Dr Frankie an his staff never have up on saving shadow and with each day that passes I get to see my best friend thanks to them."

--Don Craig


"Ya'll responded fast to Nemo's problem & treated him right away. I was very worried about him. I love my cat, he's my baby. Thank you so much!"

--Shirley Price


"Excellent care for our dog after hours. Thank you."

--Thomas Mallette


"The emergency staff and Dr. Chris are awesome! I was a nervous mess when I brought my dog in on a Sunday afternoon. Dr. Chris was quick to reassure my husband and I that her problem was common and reversible. A couple hours later, he brought her from the  back and I could see the sparkle in her eyes again! Thanks so much to you all! It also was $140 less than my original quote--when  does that happen??!!"

--Brandie Smith


"I am so thankful to have an after hours animal hospital like Junaluska Animal Hospital in Haywood County.  I had to take our pet shih-tzu-chihuahua mix Maggie in for a late night exam due to a sudden and unexplained issue.  Nikola and Dr. Frankie did a great job providing expert care for Maggie and TLC for "Daddy." They were very knowledgeable, compassionate, patient and informative.  And hopefully Maggie will be back to her usual self in no time."

--Tim Pullin


"Thank you and the staff at Junaluska Animal Hospital ER for taking the time to see my dog (Ava) on Sunday. You were great working with us and Dr. Chris Meyer was wonderful as well. We appreciate everything and are very thankful for the time spent with her and getting us in and out so quickly."

--Emily Allan


"We had to bring our 11 year old chilhuahua on Sunday 10-16-16. And Amy and Dr. Chris were amazing. They listened to our concerns and was very good with her!! It was a awesome visit. Very quick and awesome.. would recommend them to anyone!!! Thank you guys so much!!!"

--Channing & Jackie Lankford


"I can't thank the emergency staff enough for the amazing care my Siamese was given. I am making certain to tell everyone I know that your office is top notch."


"I recently had the need to use the newly opened Emergency Clinic at Junaluska Animal Hospital. I could not have been more happy with their response to the needs of my cat. Everyone was so gracious and helpful, as well as gentle and caring! I am so pleased that this emergency facility is finally available after so many years of not having one in the county. I am very grateful and appreciate tremendously the care received there. Thank you, Junaluska!!"


"My dog took a nasty spill over the edge of soco falls, and needed immediate medical care.  The staff was very friendly and did a wonderful job of taking care of her.  I'm so thankful for them."

--Autumn Keen


"Very pleased with our experience at your emergency clinic.  Also surprised and grateful to find you open till midnight.  This is a great thing for all Haywood County pet owners!"

--Sharon Hall & Watson


"The staff and veterinarian were wonderful. They took extra time to explain everything that I needed to know about post op care of Tumbleweed. Great bunch of caring folk."

--Amelia B. Thompson


"Love the emergency after hours option. Our doctor was extremely knowledgeable with a great bedside manner."

--Glenn Soled


"I wish that words could express the thankfulness that our family has for the emergency hospital. Dr. Herron, Amy, & Rachael were so caring, compassionate, and professional. They were truly concerned about our sweet boy Easton and his critical care, and not just caring about the money to be made. They grieved with us and loved on us. They went well above and beyond to care for us all!! Thank you for having this hospital!! Please keep up the great work!!"

--Angela Bleckley


"Thankful that we finally have excellent emergency care in Haywood County."

--Jack De Luca


"Great Website! Very much appreciate having a local animal ER! Thank you."

--Linda Matney





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